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"These fun, exciting & interactive stories are suitable for children of all ages; who are just starting to learn  what they love, or anything they find difficult. It will teach them to work hard and not give up. Through Princess Heart and Penny D, they will gain the confidence and strength to chase their dreams."


Shariece M. Williams M.A Ed

A Dream and Passion That Becomes Reality

        A dream and passion that becomes reality can motivate you to inspire others to follow their dreams, to achieve their goals, and meet their desire outcome. Shariece has always had a vision to motivate people and encourage children to understand that the sky is the limit and that they can do anything they put their mind to and should never give up .Children should always be encouraged to work hard. She always said, “even if one child crosses my path, I want them to always walk away with a life learning experience and that is no matter who doesn’t believe in you I will always believe in you and want you to be beyond great in any and everything you do, weather it is education or extra-curricular actives." She has created creative, interactive, motivational children’s stories to help teach children sports and activities right from home. This is her passion, making a positive impact in as many children’s lives as she can. . 

This is a dream that became reality! 

To God Be The Glory For It All.

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